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Tevra Dog Training began private training in 1996 under the direction of Janice Kirk.

Click Liam to see his detailsJanice has been involved in training dogs at all levels since 1978. She began private training under the name of Tevra Dog Training in 1996 and has trained and competed at the highest level of competitive obedience, eight Obedience Champion status dogs. She has also been extensively involved in the domestic training of most breeds of dogs over the past 35 years, conducting training seminars throughout New Zealand and parts of Australia .

At Tevra we use easy to understand methods that are adjusted to suit not only the temperament of the dog and handler but also their living arrangements. We train dogs of all ages and abilities and encourage all members of the household to attend training sessions in order to build consistency.

Training is available on an individual basis, group sessions or you may wish to leave your dog with us for training.


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To educate responsible dog owners in the safe handling, care and well-being of dogs in the home and in the community.




Quality education is the key to safe and enjoyable dog ownership. Tevra Dog Training works to foster the talents of individuals and their dogs, and guide each person toward their goal in achieving a special bond with their dog whether it is purely for companionship or to extend themselves to competition work.





Throughout this site you will see photographs of some of Tevra's friends (such as the one below). Please click on the images to enlarge the picture and find information relating to each picture.

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