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Black Dog Wear

High quality canine training equipment, Black Dog offers an exceptional range of products designed for trainers wishing to use positive reward training. Black Dog items look good, work well and are hardwearing.

Tevra K9 Wear is the sole South Island distributor of Black Dog Wear. Click on the Logo to visit their website and view their products, then contact us to place your order.

Standard Infin8 Halter Back Pack

Head Halters can help focus and calm a scatty dog, encourage it to relax by showing it leadership and help stop it from pulling continually on the lead. There are two styles: the Training Halter which leads from under the chin and the Infin8 Halter which leads from behind the head, allowing more control of the head movement.

By putting light weights in the specially designed pouches of the Back Pack, your dog works harder and exercise is more effective. This should only be done under professional advice.

Dog Crates

Domestic Crates Tevra K9 Wear have a variety of crates for sale or hire at reasonable rates to suit all purposes and can advise the best type for your requirement.

Please contact: tevradogtraining@outlook.com