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ABOUT the Tevra Team

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Below you will find information relating to each of the Tevra staff; Janice and Alastair.

Janice Kirk

Janice has had a lifelong association with training animals.  She started with horses and as a youngster successfully competed in many areas of equine competition. In her early twenties her interest shifted to dogs and so began the path that has lead to Tevra Dog Training and K9 Wear as we now know it. 

Her life has been busy with almost continual training both of her own and others people's dogs, helping people find the right dog to fit their life-styles, re-homing dogs, running seminars and workshops for instructors and handlers in both Australia and New Zealand, and sitting on many committees involved not only with dog obedience but also advisory matters and welfare issues relating to dogs.

Janice - The Boss Lady!

Under the name of both Thistledae and Tevra Kennels, Janice has bred prize-winning Shelties and continues with this trend with her current stud dog, Ch Alclutha Dragon's Den CDXG, CGCG (Imp Aust)She has also raced and bred Siberian Huskies, Sibe-Bords (Siberian Husky/Border Collie cross).

Apart from the Sibe-Bords, Janice and her family have owned German Shepherds, Spaniels and Shelties, and the Kirk house has had long-term care of a wide variety of other breeds over the years, so Janice is very familiar with the care of many differing personalities!!

While doing all this she also raised three boys (now young men with their own families), ran the household and still managed to always have fresh-baked cakes or biscuits for unexpected callers!!

Janice ensures that she personally meets everyone who attends Tevra Dog Training and that the training by her team is meeting her own high standards and the requirements of the dog and handler.


Alastair Kirk

Alastair Kirk is very involved with dog training and supporting Janice in her business. He is an obedience judge and an active member of the Obedience Judges Association. With his extensive dog handling knowledge which he uses also as an animal control officer and a background of mechanics and panel beating, Alastair is well aware of the comfort and safety requirements for travelling dogs, and custom builds travelling dog crates for cars and trucks.

Alistair with Hocus Pocus